Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Guide for Digestion Problems

Digestion is the method by which usually the body breaks down the food we eat into usable components. Our bodies use food similarly as a car engine uses gas- and this gives us the energy needed to live. When we put food into our mouths digestion has already started - simply because digestion would mean breaking food down into lesser molecules! As we chew with our teeth, food is already broken into smaller amounts. Saliva helps to soften the food and the tongue positions the food to move down the throat when we swallow. A tube called the esophagus then bears the food to the stomach.

There are lots of helpful herbs in the treatment of digestion problems assisting to address post meal issues such as heartburn and flatulence. By doing this, natural solutions can provide welcome settlement to after-eating problems.

Indication of Digestion Problems

Digestion entails combining food with digestive juices, moving it over the digestive tract, and breaking down big bits of food into smaller pieces. Digestion starts in the mouth, with the act of chewing and swallowing, and is completed in the small intestine. As soon as food or liquid is swallowed, the stomach then takes over by storing the food and liquid, mixing the food, liquid and digestive juice produced by the stomach, last but not least clearing the contents slowly to the small intestine where nutrients are soaked up. The blend then moves to the large intestine and colon and holds back to be removed as feces.

Women are two times more likely than men to formulate digestion problems. Digestion problems, also known as gastrointestinal problems or dysbiosis, in women prior to menopause can come in an array of types. Each kind has to do with how food is divided as soon as consumed. Because the digestive system is a complex function of the body, issues can occur anywhere along the trip that food takes, from intake to expulsion.

There are various symptoms of digestion problems that can indicate different causes. Below of some of the common symptoms of digestion problems:

• Cramps
• Bloating
• Gas
• Constipation
• Diarrhea
• A false urge to have a bowel movement.